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3 Recipes To Get You Through the Day as a Busy Mom

Share this with new moms. Share with moms-to-be. Share with moms with toddlers running around. Share with all the moms. Coffee is fuel, but so is food. These easy recipes will get you through the day. Prep them and feed yourself, please. You're welcome.

Fast, Healthy Breakfast - Homemade Instant Oatmeal

Breakfast is often only coffee. Not exactly a balanced breakfast, but my friend named Nespresso makes it so easy. Plus it is fuel. Because mornings are fast and furious, I know I needed to make a breakfast option that was just as easy as popping in a Nespresso pod. I came across this recipe from Rachel Hollis. I make it even easier on myself and buy a yummy trail mix to throw in with my quick oats. Make these. Keep them in your pantry. Even on weeks where your meal prepping game is low, just keep quick oats and trail mix in your pantry. It's quick and easy to make before heading out the door. I have had this for breakfast almost every day for the last few months.

Easy, Filling Snack that Requires Zero Baking.

I was so blessed to have my cousin stay with us for a few days once we made it home as a family three from the hospital. She is the best cousin, an amazing mother and a midwife to boot. She made these for me to help with my milk supply, but even if you are not a nursing mom, these are amazing. I've made it a thing to make these and bring to all my friends having babies. They are a great thing to have in your fridge. They are easy to eat one-handed, and you can eat them any hour of the day: breakfast, lunch or midnight nursing snack. Here are a couple of recipes that are a close match to what my cousin whipped up for me:

  1. Boobie Bites

  2. Super Food Bites

A Crockpot Hit.

Dinner is the hardest meal of the day to get on the table. Pre-baby, we really only used the crockpot on rare occasion. We are trying to bust it out more now because it requires little work and minimal dishes. Let me share an easy one for ya, momma.

Throw in 2-3 chicken breasts.

Add in a can of tomatoes with green chiles.

Add a jar of salsa.

Every crockpot is different, but basically cook until you can shred chicken with a fork. Mine is usually done in around 4 hours on low. This makes for great tacos or nachos. Easy and so yummy. You are welcome.

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by: Michelle Ryan

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