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Avoiding the New Normal

It is crazy how things just slowly happen. One Christmas you are married. One Christmas you are announcing you are pregnant. The next Christmas you have a sweet baby boy. The new normal slowly sneaks up on you.

This Christmas I was determined not to let the new normal steal the special of this first Christmas with my son. I was trying to capsulate that first magic. So, on this Christmas, Truett and I snuck out to the living room around 5:30 a.m. to gaze at the Christmas tree. While there were some not so magical moments about the morning, yelling at the dog not to lick the baby, griping at Daddy about...something (I honestly do not remember —must have been important), this moment was certainly something special to keep in the capsule — my son mesmerized by Christmas lights, surrounded by gifts from Santa’s first delivery to our house, and the feeling of awe while taking it all in. This was the Christmas I had dreamed about -- from years of my own baby dolls as a child to a year and half of trying to have a baby, my son had arrived, and we were sharing in our first Christmas.

It also was not lost on me, the love and awe of looking at my own son, that we are celebrating the birth of His son this season. Thinking of the love I have for my son on the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I think of the love God has for us — to send his son. I cannot comprehend. Yes — this Christmas morning was special. In so many ways I received a new understanding of love this Christmas.

Some special moments to remember (that might be mistaken for normal):

  1. We made omelettes and cinnamon rolls for breakfast while Truett napped. As the parents of a baby who currently hates to sleep, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and yummy breakfast really is Christmas present enough.

  2. Before leaving for Yaya and Gpa’s house, I read about the birth of Jesus in Luke to Truett and Daddy while nursing. A Merry Christmas text from our youth minister at church was my gentle reminder. Lesson: our small actions can make a difference. Thanks, Damaris!

  3. Truett was super scared of wrapping paper (we discovered this at Christmas Eve at my parent’s place), so we opened most all presents during his nap. We showed his gifts to him unwrapped. Some of my favorites baby gifts Tman received were: Melissa & Doug Take-Along Farm, Personalized puzzle, Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, and Sassy Ring O' Links. Also, while Tman probably isn't excited about it, Mommy is excited about his new carseat from Yaya —Maxi Cosi Pria 85.

  4. After a couple months of fighting naps so hard, Truett napped like a champ. It was a Christmas miracle. Also - to all moms who have a child you hates to nap, the Rohm White Noise Sound Machine has come in clutch when on the go.

  5. We took a walk outside before opening presents, and Truett got a bug bite on his forehead and big brother Dudley threw up all over himself because he ate all the dog food left out for the other pups (just to confirm - big brother Dudley actually is a dog).

While all these moments can easily be considered as normal, to our little family, they were perfect Christmas memories that we want to cherish forever. On our car ride home, Dalton and I both talked about what a special day it had been.

I would encourage you, no matter the season your family is in, consider what moments still carry that magic. Find ways to push back normal and notice the special.

Today’s Magic Moment: Truett found his feet.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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