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Captured Photos Stealing Memories

Why do we take a photo? We want to capture a moment -- to look back on a piece of time that was special and be able to vividly remember. To see the size of those tiny, little newborn toes. To remember all the friends and family at a special gathering. To again enjoy the gentle smile of a grandmother, the sparkly eyes of young love, the trip that was carefully planned. We want to remember it. We capture a photo to be able to look back and remember.

But what if photos are not about capturing a memory for us to cherish and keep. What if all the photos we take are stealing our moments. They are the reason we can not look back and remember all that we were fond of. That captured photo is actually capturing special moments never to be returned. Think of it...

Rather than being present, fully experiencing these special moments, we are seeing them through a lens. We are checking for photo opportunities rather than opportunities for engagement, fellowship and peace. How often do you look back on those photos? Are they even ever printed or simply stored on your phone, lost in the library of 5,000+ "memories" captured. Do you post them and forget?

I am guilty. I will take 30 photos of Truett to capture one that is worth "memory." Got it, I think. This is one I will want to cherish forever. But what about the time I just missed. I have a photo I may or may not look back on, but I missed throwing leaves in the air and simply enjoying toddler giggles.

I write this blog after I spent a morning capturing photos of our second home going up. Walls were being framed, and my first actions were capturing photos. Did I first stand in awe and wonder at the home Dalton and I have designed and built together? Did I first say a pray of thanksgiving for the home we are blessed with? Did I first crouch down beside my son and play in the dirt, showing him what will soon be the yard he will run around in? No. Those were not first.

I am not saying that taking photos is bad. I will continue to take photos. I will continue to capture memories, but I will be intentional to ensure that it is not the photos capturing memories from me.

So mommas, take all the photos of your sweet, new baby.

But make sure you say a prayer and smell their newness first.

Grandparents, take photos of the littles you are so proud of you.

But tickle them and make them feel known first.

Friends, capture the photo of a reunion long awaited.

But enjoy a cup of coffee together and share your heart first.

Make sure first things come first. You capture the photos; do not let the photos capture your memories being made.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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