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Designing Space: Lessons from Nap Time

If you want to know a little about how my brain works, I am going to jump from baby naps to interior design in a hot minute.

While putting Truett down for a nap this morning, which is a long process that involves bouncing, swaying, cheek squishing, rocking, hushing, singing, etc., I noticed the corner of my room where my “reading chair” sits in our bedroom. I put reading chair in quotes because not much reading is happening for this momma lately. While some recently purchased books call my name to sit and read, the problem remains that the only time I have to read is when Truett naps. I cannot sit in my favorite chair and read during nap time because of where it is set up, in Truett’s napping (cough cough - danger) zone. Also — let's be real. I also have a million other items on my to-do list that are screaming my name that keep me from sitting in said chair.

Obvious solution: move the chair (duh), but it got me daydreaming about designing space in our next home. My husband is a home builder, and we designed and built the house we currently live in. The plan is to sell it and start again, so here are my dreams of my next space designed for reading.

Reading space.

I know it sounds like a silly thing to plan a reading space when thinking about designing our next home, but reading is important to me. It settles my mind, feeds my soul and is one of the only times that I sit and rest in which I do not feel guilty. Whether it is a devotional, a novel, my Bible or the latest memoir, I want space that works for reading. It must be comfy, and it must be in a space free from distraction — preferably I would like the space to be surrounded by windows. Oh — and it shouldn’t be in the nap zone. Also important — the space needs to be away from a television because as much as I love to read, I am guilty of getting sucked into the Bravo vortex. Some items I would love to have in my next space include:

Antiqued Metal Drum Floor Lamp (Restoration Hardware). This lamp was made for a sitting space, one perfect for reading. I can see it next to a great wingback chair, a cozy fire and a footstool.

Addington Wingback Chair (Birch Lane). This wingback chair creates an old-world look but with a new, fresh twist. Add a pop of color or the perfect patterned pillow, and the space would be set for reading and pleasing to the eye.

Librarie Bookshelf (Ballard Designs). This bookshelf would be what makes the space functional; plus it has so much more to say than just your typical side table. Because my husband is handy and my budget is small, I might see about having my hubby make something like this for our next space.

For now, my current reading space consists of this: nursing pillow, super oversized ottoman from my parent's old living room set, an old side table I found at an antique store and a diaper caddy. Not glamorous.

Back to nap time.

Also during the nap dance, I saw all my piles of laundry, clean and dirty. I can’t get laundry done because again, the laundry being done would involve going through our room where the sleeping baby lies. Either way — it made me realize that our space wasn’t working for us. So this is where I again jump from naps to design.


I need space that works to do laundry. In our next house, I want a laundry room attached to the closet. I want to be able to go into the laundry room and then effortlessly sneak into our closet to get laundry done without waking the baby. Because we plan on having more kids, it will be quite some time I imagine before we do not have babies in our room, so this design of space seems like a no brainer. Plus, this way I am not dropping clean clothes on my floor that constantly has a layer of dog hair on it (thanks, Dudley) on the long journey from dryer to closet. Some items that would be fun additions to a laundry room/closet space would be:

Fun Stylish Clothes Hampers - World Market has all the baskets. Here are just a few I love.

Large Black and Natural Seagrass Calista Tote Basket

Espress and Natural Seagrass Paige Tote Baskets

Large Natural Seagrass Haven Basket with White Macrame

Large Macrame Seagrass Bianca Tote Basket

I also think it is nice to have some of your laundry room essentials on display. I use washing powder for my bedding and Dalton’s work clothes, so a simple glass jar would work. For detergent, an amber glass bottle would be a nice addition on a shelf. You could even get the bottle etched to read detergent, softener, etc.

Current Laundry Room: A custom painting of sweet boy Dudley, an old Coca-Cola crate for dog treats and toys (my dad has worked for Coca-Cola for 25+ years, so I like adding a pop of red here and there), and a plumbing pipe for hanging clothes. Also, I have my sweet dad to thank for a clean laundry room. He came over to watch Truett yesterday while I did laundry, picked up the house and took down Christmas decorations. Three cheers for Pops!

But, this daydream must end because nap time is coming to a close. Until next time…

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by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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