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My Favorite Noonday Pieces

I haven’t done a shopping blog in awhile because I'm trying to be a responsible adult, and I started a budget in the new year—my allotted amount for shopping hasn’t allowed for much fashion blogging. Shucks!

But, jewelry has been on my brain with Noonday's spring line debuting. If you haven’t heard of Noonday yet, please learn about their story first. They are an amazing company that creates opportunity here and aboard. They believe in people, and their talents, and their power and purpose. While this seems big and heavy and bold for a fashion company, it is—and Noonday is that.

Once you learn about their story—shop. They have the most beautiful pieces. Plus, when you know their story, you will be honored to be a shopper that is part of the Noonday story.

Back to my budget. Since I am on a budget, I decided to share my favorite pieces that currently sit in my closet.

An earring to dress up your t-shirts.

The beauties you see below I snagged at a trunk show I hosted about two years back, and you won't find them online, but I did find a pair with a similar feel. The Summer Skies Earrings have the same shape but with brighter colors—perfect for the soon-to-be warmer weather. Pair with a simple shite t-shirt and your summer shorts. What I love about Noonday's big, bold earrings is that you can dress up a t-shirt. No need to get fancy. The earrings can be your fancy.

Feeling-fashionable necklace.

Because t-shirts are my look. I typically am wearing a simple, delicate necklace, but sometimes it is needed to add a pop of color and a statement. The necklace you see below is one of my favorite pieces to do just that. I love that you can still pair with a Madewell t-shirt, pull on a cute cardigan, and you are ready for the office, grocery store or a date night with your favorite gal pals. A few necklaces with similar capabilities would be:

  1. Del Rey Necklace - a great neutral to pair with a solid or print

  2. Latifa Necklace - wonderful, fun pop of color

  3. Reservoir Necklace - because blue is everything

All Feathers Should Be Leather

My black, blue and bronze leather feather earrings are my favorite Noonday piece, and I think others must feel the same because there are so many variations of this same style. A few of my favorite ones right now are:

  1. Annie's Feathered Earrings - amazing, and I think they will be my next Noonday piece. The turquoise is everything and will make it an easy piece to wear often.

  2. Feathered Fringe Earrings - my exact earrings in a pretty blush tone

  3. Revelry Earrings - the coral in these is amazing, so eye-catching

  4. Tropica Earrings - a pretty close match to my earrings in a super fun color for spring

Noonday Spring Line

Since I am on a budget, I've done a lot of online shopping, which consists of adding things to my virtual shopping bag and never purchasing. Anyways, here are some of my items from Noonday's spring line that sit in my shopping bag. Shop away little ladies.

  1. Azores Earrings - these earrings are great because I love mixing and matching silver

  2. Jamdani Bandana - Jamdani Bananda. Say that three times fast. Not only is is fun to say, but I am seeing bandanas everywhere, and I want one on my neck so badly. I think this is great for a mom too. This can add a nice pop of fashion to a t-shirt (and cover up the spit up on said t-shirt).

  3. Leather Bow Bracelet - I love the leather and the girly touch the bow adds. I think this would look great styled with a blue jean jacket with rolled up sleeves this spring.

I hope you enjoyed a fashion blog post on a budget. Do some shopping for me too, please.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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