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The other day I was driving in my car listening to worship music on my favorite local station (shout out 101.9), and my reception started to go in and out. We live on the outskirts of town so talk radio finds a way to sneak in the closer I get to home. On this particular car ride, I desperately needed my headspace to be filled with worship music. I needed to drown out the noise, release the anxiety and set my focus.

But, the station started to fade. Noise started to set in. What a perfect parallel to my life. I often allow all the noise of life to drown out worship.

I allow anxious thoughts of a sick toddler to spin out of control. I worry about what medicine to give. I worry about the snot, the cough and the germ exposure. My brain jumps from a runny nose to a permanently sick child with a mom who created a severely comprised immune system that will follow him for all his days. Insert dramatic music.

I carry guilt about money. I fixate on dollars spent and obsess over dollars saved. I either turn a blind eye to expenses or the opposite – buckle down and say we aren’t spending another penny, creating an idol of our finances.

I am consumed with the relationships in my life. I am in constant fear that I am not living up. I am not giving enough of my time or energy. I am not patient enough, devoted enough or kind enough.

All of these anxious thoughts, guilt and fears – they get in the way. They try to cancel out worship. They try to cancel out His graces all around me. They are the noise breaking through my worship station.

…AND I think a lot of the battle is simply choice (lesson courtesy of Jennie Allen). Here is what I choose:

When my toddler is sick, he is able to receive care from a loving, wonderful doctor who was blessed by God with gifts perfectly suited for her career. We have access to modern medicine. I have the finances to take my son to the doctor and pay for the care he needs. My relationships are blessings, and I have the opportunity each day to approach these relationships with the fruits of the Spirit. I can save where I am able, spend on what is needed and find worthy opportunities to give. For these things I worship.

Where can you break through the noise and choose to worship? I pray your worship is louder than all the noise.

My Current Tools to Break Through the Noise:

  1. Get Out of Your Head, Jennie Allen

  2. Worship Music - here are a few good ones: Running in Circles and The More I Seek You

  3. Amazing Friends - if I could link them here for you I would. Go out and get community.

  4. Writing from (in)courage


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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