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Not Your Average Valentine's Day DIY

In the spirit on Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share some of the special things my sweet husband has made over the years. Now, these aren’t your typical DIY projects. My husband (the homebuilder) has a talent for creating. Now, before you compare your husband's sweet gifts to these, please note that my husband does not do cards, jewelry, flowers, etc. Also, I only get a gift every other-ish holiday. There is a trade off for everything, am I right?

Zinc Top Table

One of my favorite homes my husband’s family has built over the years had the most amazing kitchen. She had a pecan top island (which I copied in our current house), a ladder in her pantry (goals), old Louisiana brick on the floors and backsplash, a clear glass refrigerator and just about anything else amazing you can think of, but one of my favorite things was her zinc top countertops. To me, they felt old-world and modern at the same time. I wanted to incorporate some zinc into my own kitchen, so for my birthday, the hubs built me a dining room table with a zinc top. It is a great addition to our kitchen/dining room. I think mealtime is so important as a family, and I so look forward to gathering with my babies around the table that their daddy built.

Coffee Mug Display

One of my favorite morning rituals is making coffee. I probably enjoy the act of making coffee in the morning and the sweet smell more than I do actually drinking it. It just feels cozy sneaking out of bed in my jammies to make coffee for me and the hubs. Also, please note that making coffee for me is popping in a K-cup or a Nespresso pod. That still counts, right? Because I love this morning ritual, I knew I needed a coffee bar in the house we are in now. I just wanted to carve out a small space to enjoy. My husband built this awesome display for all my coffee mugs that I rotate in and out (I love a good coffee mug).

Pecan, Pecan, Pecan

As I mentioned earlier, I fell in love with pecan after a homeowner had it installed on her kitchen island. I now have it on my island, and I had Dalton make me some more pecan creations. His most elaborate piece I think he has ever built me (besides the house we live in) is our coffee table. It’s beautiful. Most all of our living room furniture is hand-me-downs from family, so it is by far the nicest piece of furniture we own. It’s a statement, and I can’t wait to dress it up in our next house (we plan on building again very soon). Also with pecan, Dalton built the shelves in our son’s room and the frame above his crib. I think I want to make it a tradition that something in each home we build has to be made of pecan.

Being a maker runs in the family. This crib was made by Dalton's dad for when Dalton was a baby. Now we use it for Truett.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of Dalton's creations from our early years. Also just as special, is this heart sculpture made with the very fancy material of coat hangers. Y'all, I think this was a project for art class. Oh the days! So, ladies, if you have some of these fancy DIYs on your list, there is hope. I started out with coat hangers.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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