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Nudges from God

I am so thankful for grace and do-overs.

This last weekend, my dad and I went on a walk with our favorite little guy, Tman. My husband hates walks; the only “walk” he will go on in our neighborhood is on a golf cart. My dog is a bulldog so he basically feels the same about walks and would much prefer to cruise on four wheels. So, my dad is my walking partner. Every weekend we go on long walks around my parents cute, waterfront neighborhood.

I digress.

On our latest walk, we came across a sweet elderly couple. It was husband and wife and their puppy dog. The husband tenderly pushed his wife in her wheelchair, and she was bundled up in her sweet sweater so clearly enjoying the beautiful, sunny winter day. Seeing us with a stroller, she smiled and asked to see the baby. We walked over to introduce her to Truett. She asked me his name and how old he was. She shared with us that she had a great-grandchild just a month older than Truett. After some small talk about babies and the beautiful weather, my dad I walked away.

In that moment, I felt a tug. My dad and I continued on our walk, and the sweet couple started again at their slow pace, but I so clearly felt an urge to turnaround, to continue in our small talk. Instead we kept walking. I instantly felt a pang of guilt. I should visit with them more, I thought.

Then, the little old lady called after us saying that she was following behind us. Her husband lovingly pushed her down the same street that we were walking. We chuckled and smiled and said something back. I do not even remember our response. This was my second nudge, and I wish I could say that I used this as an opportunity to slow my pace, let them catch up and that we shared a lovely walk and conversation on the beautiful Saturday afternoon.

I cannot say this. In fact, I have tears welling up in my eyes and a tightening in my chest thinking about it now because I know that tug and nudge was directly from God. I ignored Him. I let my self doubt get in the way. No — they wouldn’t want to visit more with us. I let my insecurity get in the way. What would we talk about? I let my own agenda get in the way. We have our own walk to finish.

I firmly believe God gives us these opportunities to obey and bring Him glory. I had the opportunity to love my neighbor. I ignored it.

While it may seem small. After all, we did visit for a bit, I know in my heart that God was calling me to more. He so often is calling us for more. Why would I not give more to the one who gives us more and more, again and again.

A few days later, I had moved on and was back to my normal hustle and bustle — caught up in my own world of diapers, work deadlines and now this blog. With the new year, I like to begin my day with my book of devotions by Lysa TerKeurst, Embraced. Each day the message speaks so clearly to my current circumstances and my heart. But on this particular morning, the message was so loud and clear it brought me to my knees in prayer.

The message was “Hearing God’s Invitations.” Just in reading the title, my mind so clearly drew a picture of the sweet old couple we encountered on our walk. Lysa wrote about exactly what my heart already knew — how we often miss God’s invitations to obedience. We miss them not because a lack of awareness but an all too consuming awareness of our own busy.

The verse in the message on this day was from Isaiah 30:21 - Whether you turn to the right or or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

Much like Lysa shares of her own heart in this particular devotion, I also want this verse to clearly ring true in my own life and walk with God. I am thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness because on that Saturday morning walk with my dad and son, I had missed it. My ears so clearly heard, but I did not walk that way.

I pray that my heart continues to hear you. I pray that I would not just be aware of your tug and nudge, but that my flesh would respond. I am thankful that you will continue to put more opportunities and invitations in front of me, and I ask that you help me to better obey on those next chances.

Ladies, if you are missing invitations, do not dwell in it because our God allows do-overs. In fact, he is really good at using do-overs for His glory. As you finish reading this blog, I would encourage you to write down your own prayer about God’s nudges. I also would encourage you to pick up Lysa’s book of devotions. I am so grateful for this book. I do not doubt that this book is in my lap right now because it is exactly what I need. As a busy mom, my time studying the word looks much different now. This book is the perfect way to start my day and gain focus and perspective with Truth for a new, busy, working mom.

Thanks for listening to my heart dear readers.

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by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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