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Taking "Cara" Sleep.

Lessons from a Tired Momma.

Lesson #1:

My lesson over the last two weeks as a mom blogger, or actually more like a mom trying to blog. I do not think I am at mom blogger status yet. Anyways -- my lesson is that I need to start writing my blogs in batches and having some extra ready to post when life gets crazy. Sorta like meal planning or like that frozen pizza you pop in the oven when it's been one of those days. Unfortunately, because I am just now learning this lesson, it has been some time since my last blog. Sorry about it you guys. Also, not that I am making excuses, but the reason I haven’t posted in awhile is because of sleep, or rather lack there of.

So, that bring me to the topic of this blog: moms, babies, marriage and sleep.

Truett - "I'm not tired, you're tired."

Lesson #2:

Seek help. A few night ago, after fighting to get sweet child to go to sleep for over an hour, I threw in the towel. Let me describe said bedtime battle. It is not just that my arms ache from rocking my sweet, cuddly baby to bed. I think I could handle (likely enjoy) that. Nope. My little one fighting sleep involves screaming, crying (often from me), arching and wriggling away from me, pinching, hair pulling and other battle tactics from my baby who doesn’t want to sleep. Eventually I got Truett to sleep, and I hung my head in exhaustion and defeat. I lost another battle. Mom 0, Truett 1 (Actually I won’t tell you the real score; let’s just say Truett has way more points on the scoreboard).

I cried.

What I had always dreamed of for a sweet bedtime with baby wasn’t my reality. I had always pictured a nice relaxing bath, sweet jammies, story time and lots of rocking and snuggles before placing my little bundle down for bed. This was not my story. My story, I couldn’t keep up. I could, but at what cost. I was grouchy to my husband from the second he got home. Around 3 p.m. at work I was looking for an afternoon cup of coffee because I was lucky to get a two hour stretch of sleep at night. I was getting headaches every day. I was delirious. I had to figure something out.

Back story to this level of exhaustion. I do not need to relay the newborn stage to you. Moms know, but past newborn stage we were doing okay with sleep, only getting up a couple of times at night to nurse. I thought I was killing the sleep game. Then we hit 3 months. Since 3 months old, Truett has been getting up every 2 hours (or less) all night long. Moms, this is no way to live. I needed reinforcements. That is when I decided to buy the Taking Cara Babies Sleep Guide. I had bought the guide when Truett turned 3 months old and we hit a road bump. I “sorta” tried the strategies out at that time, but I didn’t follow all the steps to a tee. Plainly -- I just wasn’t exhausted enough. But the other night when I hit my wall, I was determined to give this guide my all. We had to figure this out for Truett so he could get quality rest — for this momma and for my marriage.

Real talk. It is hard to describe yourself as happily married when no one is getting sleep. ‘Happy wife, happy life’ is a true statement. ‘Mom who lacks sleep, husband who just wants to weep’. This is also a true statement.

Dalton was worn down, and I was resentful because I was even more worn down. Lack of sleep is hard on a marriage. My husband even resorted to either sleeping on the couch or the guest bedroom, which made my already grouchy self even grouchier. I resented him for getting sleep. If I wasn’t going to get sleep, I wanted someone to live in that with me. I share this because I want to be completely transparent. Moms out there who are not sleeping, you are not alone. My other lesson over the last couple of weeks, seek help, is crucial. Moms, pull out all the tricks to make sure your family is sleeping. My trick has been Taking Cara Babies.

Please, please, please follow TakingCaraBabies on Instagram. Get her guides. Watch her classes. Buy a phone consult. Whatever you have to do that is best for you and baby, do it. Spend the money. Give up your drive-thru coffee. Well, actually give up something else, coffee for a sleep-deprived mom is life. Find ways to cut the monthly budget. Eat Ramen. Stop watering the grass. Turn off the lights. I exaggerate, but really -- find a way. Sleep is so crucial to make all the other moving parts and balancing act of mom life work.

For the last couple of weeks, we have implemented strategies from Cara, and while sleep still isn’t perfect in our house, it is better. I am getting longer stretches at night. Truett has naps that he is able to put himself to sleep (not all of them, but some). We are making steps in the right direction, and it is saving my life (and marriage) right now.

I say all of this because I want any sleep-deprived mom out there to take the step towards sleep. It is not selfish. It is does not mean you are a failure. It means you are a smart mom (and wife) who cares. These are things I needed to hear, so I share in case you need them too. You are not a bad mom because your baby doesn't want to sleep.

That is all for this post. Nap time is over. Also, I dedicate this post to Cara. Serious -- you da best!

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by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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