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Tickets Aboard the Struggle Bus: Things You Can't Accomplish in a 20 Minute Nap.

Okay, so my son inherited my quality of restlessness. I can’t take a nap to save my life; neither can he. Meanwhile, my husband puts his butt on the couch or head on the pillow and he is out. This is one quality I desperately wish Truett had picked up from his dad.

Although, one thing I have already learned in these first five months of motherhood is that things change quickly. One day is smooth sailing and the other day is a broken-down struggle bus. Perhaps Tman will pick up his father’s napping habits one day. Perhaps when baby #2 arrives? Could I get that lucky?

For now, let me take you aboard the struggle bus.

Here are all the things you can’t do during a 20 minute nap. I thought it might give other moms on the napping crazy train a good laugh or at least a feeling of solidarity.

Fix and eat lunch.

I cannot tell you how many sandwiches and salads have been made only to sit on my counter. Or, most often, I get out the leftovers, put them on the plate, warm them up and sit down to eat only to hear the monitor go off. Because I know I do not have time to make lunch and eat it too, I have resorted to snacks. I have pretty much given up on the idea of breakfast and lunch. Dinner I can do because Dalton is home, but the other two meals are for grazing. Granola bars, deli meat, crackers, chips. My snack of choice: Oreos. I know. Not good.

Shower and wash your hair.

A 20 minute nap does not allow for you to actually clean yourself in the shower. If I want to shower and have time to towel off and put clothes on, there is not time to wash my hair. Shaving my legs? Forget it. My options are to wash my hair but then run out of the shower dripping wet and undressed to rescue the crying baby or let the hair be greasy and simply be thankful for some running warm water. I can wash my hair another day. Also - do any other moms always hear crying babies in the shower, or is that just me?

Drink warm coffee.

Hot coffees are days of the past. I make coffee. Baby cries. I later find cold coffee, shrug my shoulders and take what caffeine I can get.

Read more than 5 pages out of book.

It is a long process getting Truett down for a nap. Usually my arms and legs are burning so bad from rocking and squatting (have to get that good rocking, swoop with the squat) that I have to catch my breath first before thinking of picking anything up. Dramatic you say? Well you hold my 20 pound son for over an hour while he wiggles and fights sleep. You wouldn’t be able to pick up a book either. When I grab my book, crack it open, I only make it a few pages in.

Write a blog post.

These posts are usually written over the course of several naps or after Truett goes to bed. Bedtime I get the luxury of two hour breaks instead of 20 minute ones. Whoo hoo!

Do laundry.

Usually my clothes end up sitting in the washer if I try to do laundry during the day. I will start laundry during the nap, but he is awake and ready to go before the wash is done. By the time they need to go in the dryer, I have either forgotten about said laundry or I am working on the next nap, which like I mentioned is a long process.

Now, while all of these items can’t get done in a 20 minute nap, what I can get done is say a prayer of thanks. While this blog post may seem like I am griping, it is more so just humor to keep me sane.

I thank God each day for the opportunity to be a mom and experience the love I have for my sweet baby boy. I know that one day far too soon I will miss this time. I will want tickets on this struggle bus.

Now, I must end this post because the baby is crying. Nap time is over.

Until next time, friends.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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