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Two Things Making Life Easier Right Now

The bad news: it has been a few months since I have hopped on here to say something. The good news: I've been keeping notes on my phone: thoughts on motherhood, thoughts on meal planning, thoughts on books - all the thoughts - so eventually they will (hopefully) find their way here...or at least that is the goal.

To help me meet this goal, I am considering setting up some sort of blogging schedule for myself. Tuesday's Tips. Critical Thoughts for Your Thursday. Foodie Friday. What do you think? I think this would help to hold me accountable, but I am trying to be realistic with my commitment. I tend to go all in and then burn myself out.

Anyways, for now, I am playing with the idea of a regular topic being: Two Things Making Life Easier. I like the title Thursday's Two Things: Little Tips & Tricks to Make Life Easier, but I can't quite commit yet to that kind of regularity.

Anyways, I start now with this one post.

Feeding Baby | Butternut Squash Mezzelune (aka Ravioli)

I have never been great at meal planning, and I feel like I get in a recipe rut a lot, making the same things over and over. Now that I have to plan for Truett, Dalton and I, it adds another layer of complexity. I either need to plan the meal so that it is baby-friendly (most of the time I can do this), or I need to have something else on hand for Truett. One thing I like to keep on hand that makes life a bit easier is HEB's Butternut Squash Mezzelune.

This is a freezer staple for me right now. It makes a quick, easy dinner for Truett. It is protein. It is a veggie. It's got iron. It isn't super high in sodium, and it boils and is ready to serve in 5 minutes. I normally throw some peas in there in the last couple minutes while it is boiling

Waaa laaa! Serve it to your babes. See product and nutritional information here

Feeling Fit | Tone It Up - Fitness App (and Community)

About three months ago, I started nursing quite a bit less as Truett started eating solids a lot more, which meant I needed to re-adjust what I was eating. I didn't need quite the caloric intake of a round-the-clock nursing momma. While I was trying to up my nutrition game, I also wanted to step up my workout routine, which was pretty much non-existent since having a baby. Not everything quite sits the same post-baby (mommas you know what I mean), and I knew that working out would make me feel stronger and more confident in my new body.

I came across the Tone It Up community after seeing a post on Mother.ly's Instagram page from Katrina Scott (if you have yet to check out Mother.ly, you need to do so). Katrina is co-Founder of Tone It Up and a newish mom. When I saw the keeping-it-real Mother.ly post from Katrina, I fell down the social media rabbit hole, looking at posts, photos, stories, etc. Quickly I was downloading the Tone It Up app, and I am so glad I did.

I have been working out around 3 days a week now for 3 months, and I feel stronger now than even before baby. Tone It Up has classes that you can schedule to make work with your busy day, but my favorite part is the On-demand section. If I put Truett down for a nap, clean out the dishes in the sink and find that I only have about a 15-minute window of time before he is up again, I can search for a workout based on time. It really is saving me right now. Whether you are a busy mom or not, you have to try it out. The workouts are great. The coaches are awesome. The app makes it so easy to show up and be consistent. Also, mommas, they have pregnancy and postnatal workouts, which I am excited to try out next baby go-round.

Well friends, these are this Thursday's two things. I am still not committed to a title that obligates me once a week, but I am welcome for you to try to convince me if you enjoyed this post.


by: Michelle Ryan

Courtesy of nap time and an early bedtime

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